CALENDAR of Current Events


2020 Events: 


Supported Drawdown climate change festival at Southampton Arts Center.


African American Read IN

21st Century Spirituality discussion of Richard Rohr’s The Universal Christ with Prof. Thomas Petriano


Celebrated International Women’s Day with a Brown Bag Luncheon (our last in store event due to Covid)
Poet/farmer Scott Chaskey reads and reflects on the value of poetry in our lives.Writing Workshop with Scott Chaskey.  Cancelled due to Covid.

April: Poet/activist Kathy Engel reads The Lost Brother Alphabet.
Book discussions: Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye (most of our planned events to celebrate Ms. Morrison were cancelled due to Covid)
Essayist David Bouchier on Dark Matters & More
Colson Whitehead received the Pulitizer Prize in Fiction for his book, The Nickel Boys.
Tom Clavin reads Tombstone.
Poet/educactor Mark Doty discusses Walt Whitman.
Writing Workshop with poet Mark Doty.  Cancelled due to Covid.
Poets Paul Genega, Maggie Bloomfield, and novelist Paul Rabinowitz read.
Ecologist Carl Safina reads from his new work Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty and Achieve Peace.
Memoirist Mary Norris presents Greek To Me: Adventures of the Comma Queen.
Canio’s stands with the Black Lives Matter movement
Journalist Barbara Weber-Floyd presents The Resistance and Me.
Author Marian Lindberg presents Scandal on Plum Island.
On Account of Race: Historian Lawrence Goldstone, Supreme Court scholar, in conversation with Lawrence Norden of the Brennan Center
Racial Justice East End Confronting Racism film series: Mirroring Privilege and Cracking the Codes.
Support Jeffrey Colvin’s seminars on the East End.  Author of AFRICAVILLE.


Elena Ferrante translator Ann Goldstein and Mary Norris in conversation

Poets  Diane Glancy (Pushing the Bear: a novel of The Trail of Tears) and Spencer Reece (The Road to Emmaus, and The Clerk’s Tale) explore suffering in today’s world

Discussion on white privilege & women in the civil rights movement with activists Janet Bell and Lewis Steel.

Celebration of Turtle Point Press’s 30 years of literary publishing.  
Poets Grace Schulman and Jill Bialosky
Racial Justice East End (RJEE) will screen (In)Visible Portraits:  a contemporary film about Black Women.
Lunch with Le Pancake Kid, Craig Carlson from Paris!
2019 events:

Racial Justice East End Book Group: The Far Away Brother by Lauren Markham, first & second sessions
Thomas Merton’s Ecological Vision with Prof. Thomas Petriano

Venture Smith, from slavery to freedom with Chandler Saint
African American Read IN, co-sponsor with JJML
Racial Justice East End Book Group: The Far Away Brother by Lauren Markham, skype session with Lauren, third session

The Way of Haiku with Bart Mallio
Whaling, Melville, & the Charles Morgan whaleship with Mary K Edwards. Lauching our 2019 Moby-Dick Marathon
Pete Seeger Centenary Sing-a-Long with Terry Sullivan.
Moby-Dick Film Screening, May 30, co-sponsor JJML

2018 events:

Racial Justice East End Book Group: Just Mercy by Bryan Stephenson, second session
La Vita Nuova Workshop: Three session with Canio Pavone

Racial Justice East End Book Group: Just Mercy by Bryan Stephenson, third session
African American Read IN, co-sponsor with JJML

Racial Justice East End Book Group: Film screening & discussion: Rikers Island, with Cadeem Gibbs, Roundtable Project

Prayers from the Fish’s Belly: Whaling songs with Stephen SanFillipo
Primo Levi, Umberto Eco, and the resurgence of Facism with Prof. Stanislao Pugliese
Steinbeck in Sag Harbor discussion with Susan Shillinglaw, Director of Steinbeck Center, CA
MARATHON Reading:  The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck

Racial Justice East End Book Group:Becoming Ms. Burton by Susan Buron, first & second sessions
Poetry reading with Julie Sheehan and Paul Genega

Racial Justice East End Book Group: Becoming Ms. Burton by Susan Buron, third session
Jacque Brel discussion with Alfredo Merat
On Education with Jonathan Silin,
“I once believed that the work of advocacy was the work of picket lines and protests, sit-ins and street theater, public hearings and private lobby efforts. Now I realize that the work of advocacy is also the work of the word—our talking and teaching, our writing and witnessing , our texts and testimonies.”

Poets Cornelius Eady and Star Black

Poets Saleem Abdal-Khaaliq and Sarah Azzara

Native American Read IN
Border Crossing stories with three immigrants, co-sponsor with OLA  & Herstory

Master Writing Workshop with Jill Bialosky

2017 events:

Dante Workshop: Four sessions with Canio Pavone
Irish Film series: The Dead with Joseph Shaw
NWEI Community Six week Workshop: Climate Change
The Spirituality of Resistance Forum with Rev. Kimberly Johnson and Michel Dobbs
Writers’ Resist Forum, co-sponsor with SBU SH

Nature Writing Workshop with Scott Chaskey
Winter Jazz Concert
African American Read-IN, co-sponsor with JJML

Racial Justice East End Book Group:  The Third Reconstruction by Rev. William Barber,  first session
Writing Resistance Workshop with Maryann
Irish Film Series: Jimmy’s Hall with Richard Lawless and Sigrid Meinel

Poetry of Healing with Maggie Bloomfield and Susan Dingle
Racial Justice East End Book Group:  The Third Reconstruction by Rev. William Barber,  second session
Celebrating poet Bill Knott

Feminist Book Group, bell hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody
Racial Justice East End Book Group: The Third Reconstruction by Rev. William Barber,  third session
Forum on Confronting White Supremacy, co-sponsor at Hampton Library
Herman Melville, Modern Master presentation with Lisa Dickman

Non-Violent communication workshop, co-sponsor with Joanna Komaska
Moby-Dick Film screening, June 1
Moby-Dick Marathon, June 9-11 – FIVE locations in Sag Harbor
Feminist Book Group, bell hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody
Vanishing Acts Poetry event with John High and Martine Bellen
Racial Justice East End Book Group: Film screening & discussion: 13th by Ava DuVerney
Writing Habits presentation by Elise Lorello

Master Workshop series: Julian of Norwich seminar with David Townsend (four sessions)
Poetry on Immigration & Racial Justice with Cheryl Boyce-Taylor and Kathy Engel

Herman Melville Birthday celebration
Sacco & Vanzetti presentation

Celebration of poet John Ashbery

Native American Literature Read IN
Feministic Book Group discussion: This Bridge Called My Back
Inside Private Prisions discussion with Lauren-Brooke Eisen

Film screening & discussion: 13th by Ava DuVerney at JJML, co-sponsor
Racial Justice East End Book Group:  Just Mercy by Bryan Stephenson, first session



Canio’s Cultural Cafe Selected Lectures/Events, 2014

Mark Doty Master Writer's Workshop, 2014

Mark Doty Master Writer’s Workshop, 2014

Canio’s Cultural Cafe’s (CCC) new year started early January with our Master Workshop on Dante’s Divine Comedy; and soon after,  we hosted NWEI six week Climate Change workshop.  Both were sold out, and despite the worst winter in years, we did not have to postpone a single session.   Our Sag Harbor Thomas Merton Circle Book Group continued meeting and we celebrated his birthday together on January 31 with a community dinner in the village.

Kathryn’s Photography workshops ran continuously throughout the winter months, often focusing on Master Photographers’ work, including Vivian Maier.  In April, Kathryn brought a dozen photographers to Finding Vivian Maier at the Sag Harbor Cinema, with a dinner & film discussion in the village right after.  It was a great evening.

As we head toward summer, more has & will be happening at the Cultural Cafe.  Please be sure to sign up for our emails, if you haven’t already.  We look forward to seeing you at a CCC event this year!

Canio’s Cultural Cafe Selected Lectures/Events, 2013

The Cultural Cafe had a number of special offerings in 2013.  Over winter we sponsored Voluntary Simplicity, a community course created by the Northwest Earth Institute.  For five weeks community members met to discuss thoughtful articles from NWEI and to discover ways to simplify and enrich their lives.

Writer and teacher, Indira Ganesan, lead a terrific Master Writing Workshop in the summer.  Ganesan brought creative techniques, a skilled ear, and a thoughtful presence to the participants.


The CCC sponsored an Earth Conscious Essay Contest.  Writers were invited to submit an original essay on a theme taken from Orion Magazine’s anthology, The Thirty Year Plan, “Describe one thing- an emotion, insight, technology, resource, practice, policy, habit, attitude- that humanity is increasingly going to need in order to build a better, more sustainable future.”

We had our first Master Artist series dialogue with April Gornik in her studio in the fall, and held a number of writing and photography workshops throughout the year.  Here’ a summary of the year’s highlights:

NWEI Voluntary Simplicity six week workshop

Freeing our Minds with Zen Koan, Michel Dobbs
Poetry of Well Being
African American Read In

On the Environment, Trebbe Johnson
Master Writers Workshop, Indira Ganesan

“Living Out Loud,” celebrating the ESSAY with David Bouchier & friends
Nassau & Suffolk county Poet Laureates speak, Linda Oypr & Ed Stever
Speak up for the Earth, Earth Day celebration
Pink Smoke documentary screening

The New Millenium discussion, Andrew Bailey
Charting your Path, Robert Wilkinson
Poetry with Bob Hershon

Master Writers Workshop, Indira Ganesan
Rena’s Promise Reading with students

Poetry of Well Being
Dock-to-Dish, CSF celebration, Paul Greenberg
Foodopoly discussion with Wenonah Jauter
IASA event: Italian American Studies Association reading

Master Artist’s Talk, Gillian Pederson-Krag
Thomas Merton Circle film presentation

Master Artist Studios series:  A conversation with April Gornik
Grace Schulman Poetry reading

Ghost Stories with Annette Hinkle
Poetry Reading with Kathryn Levy

Thomas Merton Book Group
Poets on Childlessness & Parenthood, Adam Penna & Sarah Gutowski
Holiday Open House
Jazz Concert with Steve Shaughnessy & Bryan Campbell


Canio’s Cultural Cafe Selected Lectures/Events, 2012

2012 was a creative year for CCC.  We hosted several Master Writing Workshops for the community,  including nature writer Carl Safina and essayist David Bouchier.

Our first workshop focused on the life and writings of Thomas Merton. It helped us start the new year with renewed awareness and intention.  The six week session was facilitated by Eda Lorello, a local Merton expert.

In the spring, we partnered with Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt & South Fork Natural History Museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Carson biographer Linda Lear spoke under a tent in the meadow behind SOFO, an osprey nest overhead.  In fall, we welcomed local nature writers & enthusiasts to read selections from Carson’s work and discuss her influence on their lives and careers.
Partnering with the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork, we screened the documentary film Pink Smoke Over the Vatican, in May.  The film by Jules Hart follows the ordination of women R.C. Priests, and the broader issue of women’s rights in the Church.

Later in the summer we sponsored the North West Earth Institute’s Reconnecting with Earth course which brought together community members for six weeks to discuss thoughtful and challenging essays about our relationship to Earth.

Maryann & Kathryn continued their writing and photography workshops, encouraging the creativity of community participants.

In the fall we partnered with the Charles and Tee Addams Foundation for an evening of storytelling and folklore at the Addams home and studio.   Folklorist John Eilertsen from Bridgehampton Historical Society presented.

Other highlights from the year include the African American Literature Read In co-sponsored with the John Jermain Memorial Library.  We partnered with the Hampton Library to host a mini-marathon reading of poems by Emily Dickinson. In spring we were enthralled by storyteller Jeanne Marie Merkel who presented an evening of CelticVision: the Inner and Outer Landscapes of the Celtic Soul.

The Gift of Time, by Ronnie Murtha
Winter’s Walk with Thomas Merton, facilitated by Eda Lorello
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy in the Occupy Movement
African American Read In
Celebrating the Life & Poetry of Gerrit Henry
Inner & Outer Landscapes of Celtic Spirituality
MWW, Essay with David Bouchier
Memorial Reading for Anne Porter
Rev. Sekou Speaks Out
Celebrate Rachel Carson at SOFO with GFEE & FLPG
Mysteries & Memories of Maytime, by Ronnie Murtha
Take Back the Word Workshop with David Townsend
Chants of Manhood, Historic Sea Songs by Stephen SanFillipo
50 Years of Investigative Reporting, Karl Grossman
Emily Dickinson Marathon Reading, co-sponsor with Hampton Library
Pink Smoke documentary film screening
Celebrating Rachel Carson’s Birthday
Bloomsday Celebration with words & song
Lynn Buck Memorial Celebration
Election Games event with WPKN
Rena’s Promise Kids’ Camp event: Young creative writers’ read
Jazz Concert: Celebrating America’s idiom
MWW, with nature writer Carl Safina
NWEI Reconnecting with Earth workshop
Poetry Reading
Cavafy by Daniel Mendlesohn
Contemporary Issues dialogue with Katrina vanden Hueval & Stephen Cohen
Poetry & Jazz Performance
Plant & Sing
Folklorist at Addams Foundation
Poetry Reading
Women in Long Island History
MWW, Poetry by Marvin Bell
Best American Poetry celebration
Celebration of the Season
Holiday Jazz: Celebrating America’s music idiom
Environmental Read In

Plus, ongoing Writing & Photography Workshops throughout the year.


Canio’s Cultural Cafe Selected Lectures/Events, 2011

Thanks to everyone for making 2011 such an interesting year for Canio’s Cultural Cafe (CCC).  We introduced our Master Writing Workshop series with poetry workshops led by Mark Doty and Marvin Bell, plus a short story workshop led by Simon Van Booy.  More workshops are planned for the coming year.  Please call 631.725.4926 for details.  Here are some select 2011 CCC events:

January 6, The MOBY DICK Marathon Reading Phenomenon
January 16, Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with Rev. Andrew Blake
February 13, 22nd National African American Read-In co-sponsored with John Jermain Memorial Library
March 5, Local writier, Wafa Hallam discusses Memoir Writing
March 12, John Turner lecture on Exploring the Other Island, Long Island’s Natural World
March 19, Celebration of Irish Literature
March 26, Naturalist Carl Safina on the Local-Global Environmental Web
May 20, Poetry Reading
July 7, Student creative writers read from Rena’s Promise summer workshop
July 10, Poetry Reading
July 16, Poetry Reading
August 7, Celebrating Wilfred Sheed
August 15, MWW, Poetry by Mark Doty
September 9, Poetry Reading
September 24, Emily Dickinson marathon reading at Hampton Library
October 8, Poetry Reading
October 29, Halloween at Charles Addams Foundation, Sagaponack
November 5, Artist Jean Holabird on Creative Arts & Nabokov
November 10, Astrologer Robert Wilkinson on The Way Forward
November 12, Poetry Reading
November 19, Poetry & Prose discussion with Lucas Hunt & Simon Van Booy
November 18, Larry Darcey on the legacy of Thomas Berry in the OCCUPY Movement
December 2, MWW, Fiction by Simon Van Booy
December 8, MWW, Poetry by Marvin Bell
December 10, Celebration of Emily Dickinson birthday, Prof. George Held on Dickinson’s Hymnal, common meter
December 17, Celebrate the Season event
December 30, Winter Jazz with Steve Shaughnessy & Tom DePetris


CCC Selected Lectures/Events, 2010

2010 was a great year for Canio’s Cultural Cafe events.  Thank you all for joining our readings and gatherings.  Some of our events are available on line at East End INK:   We are looking forward to more creative events in the New Year.

January 16, 6 p.m. Martin Luther King Day celebration
February 20, 6 p.m. Celebrating African American writers
February 27, 6 p.m. Celebrating John Steinbeck’s Birthday
March 20, 6 p.m. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Terry Sullivan
March 27, 6 p.m. Celebrating Women’s History Month:  Rebecca West & Penelope Fitzgerald discussion
April 10, 6 p.m. Benefit Poetry reading for Haiti Library
April 17, ALL DAY Emily Dickinson Marathon Reading with Hampton Library
May 1, 6 p.m. Whalemen’s songs by musician/historian Stephen Sanfilippo
May 23, 2 p.m.  Memorial Reading for poet Allen Planz with Hampton Library
July 10, 6 p.m. 50th Anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird, Hilma Wolitzer
August 20, 6 p.m. Bob & Omo Moses, Quality Education as a Constitutional Right
September 7, 6 p.m. Writing coach Natalie Goldberg on Writing
September 11, 6 p.m. Historian Patricia Sullivan, Lift Every Voice
September 19, 6 p.m. Larry Darcey on Meditation
October 9, 6 p.m. Dr. Sam Slipp, Quest for Power
October 10, 6 p.m. Jim Philipps, Crisis in Catholic Church & Way Forward
October 23, 10 a.m. Capote B&W Hike & Lecture Celebrating Truman Capote’s work
October 30, 6 – 8 p.m. Literary Costume Party
November 5, 6 p.m. Robert Wilkinson on Light & Laughter in the coming Season
December 10, 6 p.m. Celebrating Emily Dickinson with Julie Sheehan
December 17, 6 p.m. Peter Matthiessen, Are We There Yet, A personal Zen story
December 30, 4 p.m. Jazz with Steve Shaughnessy & Tom de Petris

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MLK Tribute
Canio’s Cultural Cafe remembered Dr. King
Tramar Pettaway singing Amazing Grace

Tramar Pettaway singing Amazing Grace


A packed room listened intently as community members Joanne Carter and Lisa Votino-Tarrant read excerpts from Dr. King’s speeches on Faith, Social Justice, and Equality.  Tramar Pettaway raised his voice in song to pay tribute to Dr. King’s legacy.  We watched and listened to Dr. King’s final speech in Memphis in support of the sanitation workers strike.

With the lights low Tramar closed out our program with We Shall Overcome.


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