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Join us as we travel through a few of the works by Sag Harbor’s Nobel Prize winning writer, John Steinbeck. Hear world renowned experts discuss his works. See films made from his books. Spend time

Scholar Susan Shillinglaw on Steinbeck & the Importance of HomeNada Barry, John’s friend, joined us. One of our BEST ever events! Watch it HERE.

Sun. May 1, 4pm:  Sag Harbor Cinema Projections series on the Steinbeck Writers Center project: a panel moderated by Steve Hamilton, co-founder of Bay Street Theatre with Tommy John Schiavoni, Southampton Town Councilman; Bret Johnston, Director of the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas in Austin; and Kathryn Szoka, co-owner of Canio’s Books. The discussion will focus on Steinbeck’s work as well as the campaign to create a world-class writing center in Steinbeck’s former home on Bluff Point Road. Afterwards, The Forgotten Village documentary will be screened.

Thurs. May 19, 6pm:  in the Rotunda at John Jermain Library. Discussion of The Moon Is Down, with guest lecturer Donald V. Coers on John Steinbeck’s World War II novel. Coers will discuss the relevance of this powerful resistance story today.   Richard Hart, Steinbeck Review editor, will join the discussion. Please Register here.

Donald V. Coers is professor of English at Sam Houston State University in Texas. He is author of John Steinbeck as Propagandist: “The Moon Is Down” Goes to War and After The Grapes of Wrath: Essays on John Steinbeck. The Moon is Down tells the story of a military occupation in a small town by an unnamed nation at war with England. A French language translation of the book was published illegally in Nazi-occupied France by a French Resistance publishing house. Numerous other editions were also secretly published across all of occupied Europe, including Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, and Italian versions (as well as a Swedish version); it was the best known work of U.S. literature in the Soviet Union during the war. Written with the purpose of motivating resistance movements in occupied countries, the book has appeared in at least 92 editions across the world.

Weds. May 25, 6pm: at the Sag Harbor Cinema, film screening of Steinbeck’s The Moon Is Down with Q & A following.

Sat. Sept. 10, 6pm:  Forum on Travels with Charley at The Church with Steinbeck scholar, Susan Shillinglaw. Shillinglaw is English professor at San Jose State University and former Director of the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, California.

Sun. Sept. 11, 1-5pm:  Dramatic Readings from Steinbeck’s work, with music & celebration at Canio’s Lawn. Silent Auction fundraiser for Canio’s Cultural Cafe, an educational non-profit.

* Sag Harbor Cinema Steinbeck films: The Cinema will screen East of Eden (1955); Grapes of Wrath (1940); Viva Zapata! (1952) and The Pearl (1947). Schedule TBA.

To help support this series, a donation can be made to: Canio’s Cultural Cafe




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   1 – Loomings   Colson Whitehead, Ishmael   

   2 – The Carpet Bag   Jonathan Silin & David Townsend, Stubbs

   3 – The Spouter Inn   Peter Ginna, Ahab 

   4 – The Counterpane   Indira Ganesan, Ahab

   5 – Breakfast   Barbara & Kevin McLaughlin, Ishmael

   6 – The Street   Susan Weitz, Stubbs

   7 – The Chapel   Cheryl Hurley, Starbuck

   8 – The Pulpit   Suzanne Preiman, Starbuck   

   9 – The Sermon   Canio Pavone, Ishmael

  10 – A Bosom Friend   Steven Salton & Kyle Young, Ishmael

  11 – Nightgown  Joan Baum, Ahab  

  12 – Biographical   Hamptons Theatre Company, Starbuck

  13 – The Wheelbarrow   Peter Boody, Ahab

  14 – Nantucket   Quaker Marine Supply, LLC, Ishmael  

  15 – Chowder   Peggy & Jim Harrington, Starbuck

  16 – The Ship   Sigrid Meinel, Ahab 

  17 – The Ramadan   Paul McIsaac, Ahab

  18 – His Mark   Mark Catalano, Stubbs  

  19 – The Prophet   Elliot Cohen, Ahab

  20 – All Astir   Katy German, Starbuck

  21 – Going Aboard   Judy & Ned Moran, Stubbs 

  23 – The Lee Shore   Donald Sussis, Ahab

  24 – The Advocate   Carl Bernstein, Starbuck 

  25 – Postscript    Maria Matthiessen, Ahab

  26 – Knights and Squires   Amy Turner, Ahab

  28 – Ahab   Susan Merrell, Ahab

  30 – The Pipe   Mimi Joh-Carnella, Ahab

  31 – Queen Mab   Susan Barbieri, Ahab

  32 – Cetology   Anonymous, Ishmael

  33 – The Specksynder   Mary Woltz, Starbuck

  34 – The Cabin Table   Greg Wands, Starbuck 

  35 – The Mast-Head   Connie Steensma, Stubbs

  36 – The Quarter-Deck   Jeffrey Vogel, Starbuck      

  37 – Sunset   Ellen G. K. Rubin, Queegeeg

  38 – Dusk  Philip Schultz, Ahab  

  39 – First Night-Watch   Terry Pristin, Starbuck     

  40 – Midnight, Forecastle   April Gornik & Eric Fischl, Ishmael 

  41 – Moby-Dick   Bill Chaleff, Ishmael

  42 – The Whiteness of the Whale   George Held, Ahab

  43 – Hark!   Suzanne McNear, Ahab 

  44 – The Chart   Erica Forman, Ahab

  45 – The Affidavit   Andrea & Tommy John Schiavoni, Starbuck 

  46 – Surmises   Nancy Alderman, Starbuck

  47 – The Mat Maker   Ann Jones, Ahab 

  48 – The First Lowering   Jim Henry, Ishmael

  50 – Ahab’s Boat and Crew — Fedallah   Nick Gazzolo, Ahab

  51 – The Sprit-Spout   Val Schaffner, Ishmael

  52 – The Pequod Meets the Albatross   Jane Weissman, Ahab 

  53 – The Gam  Tom Clavin, Ahab 

  55 – Monstrous Pictures of Whales   Julie Sheehan, Starbuck

  56 – Less Erroneous Pictures of Whales   Amy Conway, Ishmael 

  57 – Of Whales in Paint, in Teeth, etc.  Susan Blair, Ishmael

  58 – Brit  Genie Henderson, Ahab

  59 – Squid   Suzanne Iasenza, Ahab

  60 – The Line   Colleen McGuiness, Ahab

  62 – The Dart   Rob Stuart, Ahab

  64 – Stubb’s Supper   Katarina Mesarovich, Queegueg  

  65 – The Whale as a Dish  Marta Christina, Ahab

  68 – The Blanket   MaryEllen Roche, Ahab

  70  – The Sphynx   Steve Terr, Stubbs 

  71 – The Pequod meets the Jeroboam – Her Story   Adrienne Harris, Ishmael

  72 – The Monkey-rope   Tim Carew, Starbuck

  79 – The Prairie  Joe & Dana Shaw, Ahab

  81 – The Honor and Glory of Whaling   James Larocca, Ahab  

  83 – Jonah Historically Regarded   Richard Rabinowitz, Ahab    

  84 – Pitchpoling   John Longmire, Ahab

  85 – The Fountain   Tony Ernst/WPKN Radio 89.5, Ahab 

  86 – The Tail   Anne Seelbach, Ahab

  87 – The Grand Armada   Clare Coss, Starbuck  

  88 – Schools & Schoolmasters   Laura Leever, Ahab 

  89 – Fast Fish and Loose Fish   Lynn Birks, Ahab

  90 – Heads or Tails   Robin Long, Ahab

  91 – The Pequod meets the Rose Bud   Mary Ann Whitehead, Ahab 

  92 – Ambergris   Eva Iacono, Ahab

  93 – The Castaway   Rik Kirkland, Ahab

  95 – The Cassock   David Zucker & David Whiman, Ahab

  96 – The Try-Works   Janis Tooman, Ahab

  97 – The Lamp   Louis Begley, Ishmael

  99 – The Doubloon   David Bouchier, Starbuck

101 – The Decanter   boots on the ground theater, Ahab

102 – A Bower in the Arsacides   Courtney Martin, Ahab

103 – Measurement of the Whale’s Skeleton   Tip Brolin, Ahab

104 – The Fossil Whale   Bill Dalsimer, Ahab

105 – Does the Whale Diminish?   Gordon, Ursula + Eric Hegi, Ahab

106 – Ahab’s Leg   Peter Vaughn, Ahab

107 – The Carpenter   Marguerite & John Basti, Ahab

110 – Queequeg in his Coffin   Fred Gardaphe, Ahab

111 – The Pacific   Patricia Turner, Ahab

118 – The Quadrant   Kate Plumb, Ahab

119 – The Candles   Scott Chaskey, Ahab

120 – The Deck   Louise Eastman, Ahab

121 – Midnight, on the Forecastle   Townsend Davis, Ahab

125 – The Log and Line   Jane Ciabattari, Ahab

126 – The Life-Buoy, Ann Blair (in honor of Sue Blair), Ahab

127 – Ahab and the Carpenter   Susan Schenker, in memory of Jim Monaco, Ahab   

128 – The Pequod Meets The Rachel   Rebecca Chapman, Ahab  

132 – The Symphony   Paul Bresnick, Ahab    

135 – The Chase: Third Day   The Law Office of John J. Leonard, Ishmael

         Epilogue   Doug Feiden, Ahab     

Sponsor Levels: Ahab: $125  Starbuck: $225   Stubbs: $350   Ishmael: $500   Queequeg: $1000




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1 – Loomings   Cheryl Hurley, Ahab
3 – The Spouter Inn   John Leonard, Ahab
8 – The Pulpit   Susan Blair, Queequeg
9 – The Sermon   Ann Blair for sister Susan’s efforts, Ahab
10 – A Bosom Friend   Philip Schultz, Starbuck
11 – Nightgown   Joan Baum, Ahab
13 – The Wheelbarrow   Peter Boody, Ahab
15 – Chowder   Katarina Mesarovich, Ishmael
16 – The Ship   Louis Grignon, Queequeg
19 – The Prophet   Eliot Cohen, Starbuck
21 – Going Aboard   Renee Shafransky & Nick Gazzolo, Ahab
23 – The Lee Shore   Myron Katz, Ahab
24 – The Advocate   Maria Matthiessen, Ahab
32 – Cetology   George Held, Ahab
36 – The Quarter-Deck   Jeffrey Vogel, Starbuck
37 – Sunset    Whitney Hansen, Ishmael
38 – Dusk   April Gornik, Starbuck
39 – First Night-Watch   Susan Barbieri Berger, Ahab
40 – Midnight, Forecastle   Ellen Silber, Ahab
41 – Moby-Dick   Bill Chaleff, Ishmael
42 – The Whiteness of the Whale   Rob Calvert, Starbuck
43 – Hark!   Suzanne McNear, Starbuck
46 – Surmises   Bonnie Grice, Boots on the Ground, Ahab
48 – The First   Lowering Judith Miller, Ahab
52 – The Pequod Meets the Albatross   Theresa Vogel, Queequeg
79 – The Prairie   Sandra Schoenbart, Ahab
83 – Jonah Historically Regarded   Elena Loreto, Ahab
85 – The Fountain   Anonymous, Ahab
87 – The Grand Armada   Clare Coss, Ahab
97 – The Lamp   Michael Daly, Ishmael
99 – The Doubloon   Steve Terr, Queequeg
105 – Does the Whale Diminish?   Val Schaffner, Queequeg
106 – Ahab’s Leg   Susan Merrell, Queequeg
110 – Queequeg in his Coffin   Susan Stout, Ahab
125 – The Log and LIne   Tony Ernst, WPKN 89.5, Ahab
128 – The Pequod Meets   The Rachel Susan Weitz, Ishmael
132 – The Symphony   Paul Bresnick, Ahab
135 – The Chase: Third Day   Adrienne Harris, Queequeg

Sponsor Levels: Ahab: $100 Starbuck: $200 Queequeg: $300 Ishmael: $500

Thanks to our underwriter:


Thanks to designer Robert Wilson, Bill Burford/Bloodstone Theatrical, Choral Society of the Hamptons, artist Robert Carioscia, Bay Street Theater, Library of America, LTV Studios.

BIG thanks to Harris Yulin, Alec Baldwin, Kate Mueth, Josh Gladstone, and all the actors in the Sailor’s play.  AND, to all who read and ventured on this journey together.

Mille grazie to our foreign language readers: Susan Duff, Sandra Dunn, Jonas Hagen, Fred Gardaphe, Canio Pavone.

And, the glue who held it all together, our Moby-Dick Marathon committee:
Paul Besnick, Susan Blair, Joan Baum, Bill Chaleff, Sigrid Meinel,
Canio Pavone, Maryann Calendrille, Kathryn Szoka

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1 – Loomings   Mary & Phil Spitzer, Ahab
3 – The Spouter Inn   Bridgehampton National Bank, Starbuck
8 – The Pulpit   Susan Merrell, Ahab
9 – The Sermon   Kevin Miserocchi, Starbuck
11 – Nightgown   Joan Baum, Ahab
13 – The Wheelbarrow   Peter Boody, Ahab
15 – Chowder   Sigrid Meinel, Ahab
19 – The Prophet    Eliot Cohen, Ahab
23 – The Lee Shore   Katarina Mesarovich, Queequeg
24 – The Advocate   Myron Katz, Ishmael
35 – The Mast-Head   Susan Blair, Ishmael
36 – The Quarter Deck   Jeffrey Vogel, Ahab
37 – Sunset   Jeanette Wagner, Ahab
38 – Dusk   Adrienne Harris, Queequeg
40 – Midnight, Forecastle   Bill Chaleff, Queequeg
41 – Moby-Dick   Jules Feiffer
43 – Hark!   WPKN 89.5 FM, Ahab
46 – Surmises   Ellen Silber, Ahab
85 – The Fountain   MFA Creative Writing, StonyBrook Southampton, Ishmael
87 – The Grand Armada   Bonnie Grice, Boots on the Ground, Ahab
97 – The Lamp   Melissa & Josh Branfman in memory of Daniel Stern, Ahab
99 – The Doubloon   Canio Pavone
110 – Queequeg in His Coffin   Cheryl Hurley, Ahab
132 – The Symphony   Paul Bresnick, Ahab
135 – The Chase: Third Day   George Held, Ahab

Special thanks to Jules Feiffer, Captain Anton Hagen, Canio Pavone,
Bridgehampton National Bank, Library of America, and Sag Harbor Rum
for donations and underwriting.

Sponsor Levels: Ahab: $100 Ishmael: $200 Queequeg: $300 Starbuck: $500 Melville: $1000

Moby-Dick Marathon committee: Paul Besnick, Susan Blair, Maryann Calendrille,
Bill Chaleff, Sigrid Meinel, Canio Pavone, Kathryn Szoka, and Sarah Alford.

Marathon sites: Eastville Community & Historical Society, John Jermain Memorial Library, Old Whalers’ Church, and Sag Harbor Whaling & Historical Museum

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